Impactful Evidence to Ensure Access 

We collaborate with life sciences companies to generate relevant and credible evidence to support the development and commercialization of valuable healthcare innovations. 

Our Solutions

We conduct health economic and outcomes research studies that generate actionable information.
HEOR Strategy

We develop and implement HEOR strategies to ensure the right evidence supporting your healthcare innovation meets the demands of payers, HTA organizations, policymakers, and other healthcare stakeholders.

Evidence Synthesis

We leverage state-of-the-art evidence synthesis techniques—network meta-analysis, population-adjusted indirect comparisons, external controls, validation of surrogate endpoints, and living evidence synthesis—to overcome gaps in the evidence base and to understand the value of your healthcare innovation.

Health Economic Modeling

We develop credible evidence-based health economic models to quantify the value and population health impact of your healthcare innovation: cost-effectiveness and budget impact models to support HTA submissions and payer discussions, generalized cost-effectiveness analysis incorporating novel elements of value, treatment sequence comparisons, and health equity impact evaluations with distributional cost-effectiveness analysis.

Real-World Evidence

We quantify disease burden, treatment patterns, and treatment effects, and assess patient, provider, and payer preferences using a wide range of existing RWE data sources and primary data collection.


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