Medical Communications

Science Powered by Storytelling

We engage our global network of experts to deliver marketing and medical communications that effectively interpret and translate the science of medicine throughout the commercial life cycle. Our data-driven approach provides the insights and engagement you need to reach and activate all key stakeholders.  

Peer-to-Peer Communications

Our scientific acumen, strategic expertise, and digital know-how engage thought leaders and bring your science to life. 
Thought Leader Identification and Engagement

In addition to identifying and profiling key opinion leaders (KOLs) and digital opinion leaders (DOLs) across every therapeutic area, we specialize in developing and executing thought leader engagement plans that align their interests and expertise with the needs and goals of our clients, leading to valuable interactions and actionable insights.

Peer-to-Peer Strategy & Tactics

From launch planning through advisory board meetings, congress activities, and speaker content, we personalize your approach to peer-to-peer strategy and education by engaging and leveraging the first-hand insights of KOLs about the market, scientific evidence, clinical practice, and needs of patients. The resulting strategy and tactics ensure relevant messages and content that clinicians will respect and that will ultimately shift beliefs.

Disease State Education

We strive to bring innovation in ways that drive new thinking, engage audiences in new ways, and put science at the center. The result is engaging content that amplifies insights into disease management and treatment—empowering providers and patients with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Omnichannel Strategy and Execution

Our omnichannel approach to connecting with healthcare providers across email, social media, and in-person meetings enables you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time through multiple channels and platforms.

Learning & Development

We design, develop, and deploy interactive, learner-centric sales and MSL training curricula throughout the product lifecycle. By harnessing adult-learning principles, we tailor our materials to every learning style and deliver accurate and engaging information on disease states, treatment guidelines, and market landscapes.

Medical Affairs

We analyze complex data, evaluate landscapes, and strategize with key stakeholders to establish and communicate your scientific foundation.
Scientific Narrative and Platform Development

We utilize a highly engaging and collaborative approach with key internal stakeholders to build a succinct, cross-functionally aligned, compelling scientific foundation built on referenced scientific data in the context of external insights and the current disease and treatment landscape.

Scientific Communications Strategy and Tactics

We dig deep to interpret and translate your science and data, build the communications strategy, and then disseminate in clear, credible, and visually captivating ways.

Evidence Generation and Lifecycle Management

We combine our deep scientific expertise and strategic prowess to develop a comprehensive evidence generation plan that considers the full suite of evidence needed to ensure differentiation and access by clinicians, payers, and patients.

Medical Expert Engagement and Insights

We provide comprehensive services from identifying and profiling key opinion leaders (KOLs), developing and executing engagement plans, and gathering and leveraging insights to inform clinical development, medical strategy, and communications plans.


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