Commercial Consulting

Navigating Tomorrow’s Challenges, Today

By integrating comprehensive data analysis with real-world experience, we craft strategies that address complex challenges and drive successful outcomes, ensuring that your products are well-prepared for market success. Our commitment to innovation and industry knowledge positions us to deliver transformative solutions that optimize your product's journey from concept to commercial success.

Our Solutions

Leveraging data and real-world insight, we craft innovative strategies for market success, ensuring transformative outcomes from concept to commercialization.
Landscape Assessment

To amplify global market access, start with a nuanced understanding of the global payer environment. We identify key stakeholders, formularies, and policies, assess current market dynamics, competitors, and disruptions; and then we develop strategic recommendations aimed at optimizing pricing, reimbursement strategies, and communication tactics.

Access Strategy

We navigate the complexities of payer environments to forge a path for commercial success. We use analytics to define clear access objectives, provide expert advice for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions, and craft customized coding and reimbursement strategies, maximizing product adoption and reducing access barriers.

Global Pricing and Contracting Strategy

We tailor pricing and contracting to address the needs of payers, healthcare providers, patients, GPOs— and you. By evaluating current practices and conducting market analyses, we pinpoint areas for optimization, always considering broader business goals, so that our strategies support both market access and financial health.

Payer Value Proposition Strategy

We develop customized payer value propositions that address the unique needs and challenges of US and global payers. We align the value proposition with clinical and economic evidence, including real-world data, to demonstrate product value and differentiate from competitors while optimizing pricing, reimbursement, and access.

Payer Rationalized Clinical Trial Design

We optimize clinical trial designs to meet payer requirements and enhance market access. Our approach includes strategic guidance using real-world evidence, extensive payer research, and insights from our team of former payers to ensure our trial protocols are aligned with payer expectations, maximize reimbursement opportunities, and support the product's value proposition.

Specialty Distribution & Patient Support Services

We tailor support and distribution strategies for each stage of product launch and beyond. Our team manages the selection of specialty pharmacies and develops personalized support programs, including financial aid, educational resources, and nurse support, to help patients realize the full benefit of your therapy.

Cross-Stakeholder Commercial Analytics

Our advanced analytics optimize cross-stakeholder engagement with formulary and claims data that fuel payer and provider engagement strategies, patient-level analytics that illuminate the patient journey and market opportunity, and provider-level analytics that reveal and predict physician and practice prescribing behavior.

New Product Planning

We conduct market research and competitive analysis to identify market needs, target audiences, and commercial opportunities. Based on these, we provide strategic recommendations for optimizing investments, positioning, pricing, and messaging for maximum market potential.

Commercialization Strategy

Our customized go-to-market strategy navigates the complexities of payer environments, paving the way for commercial success. We leverage analysis of market dynamics, target customers, and competitive landscape to create customized tactics and messaging, engaging key stakeholders and elevating launch excellence.


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