Know Your Market

Learn perceptions, behaviors and preferences of key clinician audiences, informing a targeted omnichannel strategy

Gain actionable insights into clinician perceptions, behaviors, and preferences with our suite of advanced technologies. From comprehensive analytics to benchmarking tools, empower your team to develop targeted omnichannel strategies that resonate with key audiences and drive impactful engagement.

Explore our technology:

Navigator365 Core

This comprehensive platform provides access to critical insights, real-time data and advanced analytics. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape with precision and efficiency.

Navigator365 Omnichannel Benchmark

Access a head-to-head comparison of up to seven brands, providing actionable insights for enhancing brand OCE leadership and customer experience. Winner of the 2023 PM360 Innovation Award, this tool helps identify strategic channel decisions, address content attributes and improve customer engagement.

Expert Dashboard

Unlock powerful datasets and gain comprehensive insights into healthcare trends and market dynamics. Leverage this knowledge to inform decision-making and drive initiatives. Empower your team to deliver tailored solutions, ultimately enhancing patient care and driving positive health outcomes.


The industry-leading platform for identifying digital opinion leaders in healthcare. Gain insights into their qualifications, relationships and influence, empowering you to understand key voices shaping healthcare discourse across social media platforms.


Discover the New Blueprint for Empowering Access with Precision AQ.